Happy Birthday to US!


My blog is 4 years young today! Thank you to those who have been following me all these years🙂 Blogging has been such an experience of being able to share my creative thoughts as well as find myself from post to post. I am grateful for the opportunities that my blog has brought on so far as it most […]

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Don’t Hide Your Pride

My heart is heavy today. As I write this in tears, I’m also overwhelmed with fear. Fear not for myself, but for those who are still afraid to come out and be who they are. I fear for them only because the last thing these incidents should cause is for people to hide their hearts […]

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Don’t Date Me. I’m a Writer.

If you’re not a writer, you’ll never understand the struggles we actually go through. As beautiful as all the right words poetically placed together may seem, little do you know the tragedy behind it all. Some of the greatest pieces of writing come from pain. Why? Because we all can relate. When you read a […]

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I’m a Fashion Student Who Hates the Fashion Industry.

Along with many other college students…I’ve been in college for way too long now. Having to been graduated 2 years ago according to the “timeline,” I’ve come to the realization of why it’s taken me so long. I chose to go to fashion school when I was 17. When I was 17 I also chose […]

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How I Get My Big Wavy Hair!


“That’s why her hair is so big, its full of secrets.”  No secrets here, ladies. I am happy to share how I get my big voluminous waves. All my life I’ve settled for nothing less than big hair. Naturally, my asian hair is super thick but of course for me it’s not enough. I always […]

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DIGITAL DIVA: Make the Best Use of Your Social Platforms!

hand-apple-iphone-smartphone-large (1)

Hi guys! So yesterday I posted a blog post for my digital marketing agency on how businesses can make the best use of their social platforms. I thought that this information that I shared could be beneficial to my personal readers as well on how everyone can make the best use of their own personal […]

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Have the Best Summer!


  There’s a reason why I came home just in time for Summer and thats because there is nothing like a summer in Michigan. Two weeks in, I’ve already made memories I’ll never forget and with that I can definitely feel how amazing the rest of it is gonna be. This summer I am working for a digital […]

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I’ve Been Living In Fear…but Not Anymore.


This morning I woke up to yet again, another news update on my phone of a terrorist attack that happened around the world. First thought that came to my mind was that this feeling of my heart dropping has become too familiar yet still sinks even harder in my stomach every time. “Every time.” How […]

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Review: MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette


Recently I’ve been pushing myself to get out of my neutral comfort zone. My closet over time has become a beautiful rainbow of greys and blacks and when it comes to my makeup routine the usual browns and golds. Today I decided to change it up a bit with the Manny MUA x MakeupGeek palette, […]

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New look, New page, New partnerships!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.10.55 PM

I’m so so excited for what’s happening on my blog! As of today, AlyssaCamille.com has a whole new look and also a new FB “Like” page so please check them out! I’m excited to announce some new partnerships as well, where all exclusive offers will be shared through here and my Facebook. Thanks so much […]

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Walking the world today like I’m wearing this. X, Alyssa Camille

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Met Gala 2016: Literally LIT.


I’m pretty sure every girl’s dream came true at the Met Gala tonight. Hours later after stalking every single picture and video of Claire Danes on the red carpet, I am still in completely awe. The excitement that I have for this moment in fashion and for American designers cannot be contained. Claire’s gown tonight […]

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